Treatment of Gemstones

B. Tree Gems’ policy is to disclose all information about the gemstones we sell. We make every practical effort to learn about each gemstone and we pass that information on to the customer.
When we describe a gemstone we classify each stone as to whether it was made by nature (Natural) or whether it was man made (Synthetic). We further describe what treatment the stone may have undergone. A stone may be heated without any other treatment if so we simply describe it as heated. Other treatment will be described if we know about them. Examples are treatment with light element (like beryllium ), radiation, dye, and glass filling. Most of our more expensive stones like ruby, sapphire, alexandrite are certified by reputable third parties i.e. : AIGS, GRS, GIA, Global Testing etc.
It is not practical to certify every stone. As an example, a one carat citrine that we sell for 100 baht ($3) will not be certified. We will, however, disclose any information we may have about the stone.